Web and mobile applications today are very complex and highly sophisticated, whose usability can heavily influence their success or failure. Easier to use and user centric designs attract and retain users, which is pretty important. It will ensure engagement of the users, providing the users with all the information they need, persuading them to take actions - purchase, registration, downloads, and make them use your service again and again.

Our usability offerings include:

Usability analysis - detect usability issues with the existing applications and implement remedial actions; understand usage patterns, and conduct usability tests to figure how a user truly engages with the application

Accessibility - ensure accessibility to all kinds of users even with basic infrastructure

User-specific testing - testing the applications for different kind of personas and assessing how the application works

"Ensure success of your software by providing solutions that address user behavior"


Web application performance is complex today as they have to be available across platforms and devices. Typically, a user will start engaging with you on one device and continue on another. Users will visit your web site, mobile site, mobile app, and also from tablets and smart phones. The apps can get delivered as native apps, mobile sites, HTML5, and hybrid apps - you can understand the complexity of ensuring performance of the web apps.

Our performance solutions can help speed up your applications and consolidate infrastructure resources to maintain response times, even during peak demand.

Our performance offerings include:

Web performance acceleration - make web experiences faster using http acceleration services and the like. Reduce infrastructure load by offloading requests and maintaining high availability. Use CDNs to deliver content locally

Mobile performance acceleration - enhance the mobile device experience ensuring accessibility across devices and platforms

Media delivery solutions - ensure distribution to various connected devices with the ability to monitor and prioritize to reach wider audiences

Performance testing - test performance across devices as per the business needs, identify gaps and improve performance

"Accelerate performance, improve response times and ensure availability of your software"