Responsive wordpress site for a multinational corporation

Customer is a provider of scheduling software solutions and services for hospitality, leisure, conference venue and corporate markets. Established in 1994, they service more than 1000 clients and has presence in UK, Ireland, US, South Africa, Middle East and the Far East.

Their company website was very slow, outdated and not responsive for tablets and smart phones. They wanted their site to be migrated to wordpress while maintaining the google index and ranking of their existing site.

How did Inovawe help?

Inovawe helped the customer in fulfilling their needs in 5 weeks time. The first week was spent on the design and we spent about 4 weeks on development. The process followed was:

  • Initially we spent time in figuring out the components to go in the site and doing the look and feel of the site with prototyping
  • We built the mobile interface first to ensure that there aren’t any layout restrictions and then transferred the same functionality to the web
  • Site navigation based on user needs was done
  • Site optimization was done by compressing the images, changing images into fonts, combining CSS files manually and ensuring performance of the installed plugins
  • The client had a successful history from 1994 and they were ranked positively in the google index. We didn’t want to disturb that and we maintained the old site google index and ranking to ensure that the search engine doesn’t treat this as a new site
  • The implemented responsive site was tested and rolled out.

Current status

This site is live and it performs as per the expectations of the customer. They keep coming back to us for more and more custom functionalities on their site currently.