Real-value to the end-users of a real-estate platform, using custom wordpress development

The customer is a platform provider for people who want to sell their properties themselves. The customer believes in offering real value to the site users and it does this by offering sellers and buyers of property a share in immense savings on real estate transactions costs.

They had a web application to do these property transactions implemented on wordpress. However, they weren’t happy with the functionality of their application and they wanted to customize it for better user experience.

How did Inovawe help?

Inovawe spent time initially in understanding their requirements in detail and arrived at the functionality needed towards offering real value to their site users. We figured that users were experiencing flickers and blank screens due to refreshing of pages, every time they try to access something. Also, the process of user registration and login weren’t that user friendly and this was a turn-off for their site users. We handled both these issues with our custom wordpress services. This entire process took about 2 months and the process followed is:

  • We understood the expectation – experience gaps that their site users were experiencing
  • They can be broadly classified into two areas – page refresh resulting in large latency, which end up showing blank screens to the users; user management issues related to user registration, login, and custom views
  • We implemented Ajax specifically for property search, which ensured that the responses were displayed in real-time without any latency
  • User management was also handled in a way that the process is smoother ensuring better experience of the site

Current status

It is currently under testing and it is expected to go live in 3 to 4 weeks time. We have already started working on the subsequent phase of optimizing the site for better user experience and management.